OUR MISSION: To provide the best possible care for people with severe challenges requiring  residential care.

 We are a purpose built Residential Home for people of all ages with severe physical disabilities run on a self-funding and Non Profit-making basis.

We offer daily physiotherapy and nursing care to 70  people needing long term or respite care.

Nepal Disabled Association

Nepal Disabled Association (NDA) is the first voluntary social organization established in 1969 A.D. with the mission to help persons with disabilities in Nepal. NDA has multiple programs in progress.  Khagendra New Life Home is one of them.

Khagendra New Life Home

Khagendra New Life Home  is the continuation of Ryder Cheshire Home which was established in 1983 A.D. with the cooperation of Ryder Cheshire Foundation, England, and Nepal Disabled Association. Sadly, Ryder Cheshire Foundation was unable to continue it’s funding from 2003.  Since then the home  struggled to support and care for it’s long term residents who have disabilities too severe to be managed at home . Some of our residents come from a very poor family background and will need support for their whole lives.

Now the Home admits new residents on a self-funding basis, which means they pay for basic food and lodging costs themselves . Other costs are met by  the Nepali Government, which  sponsors some lf the residents, individual sponsors, fundraising  and Volunteer work .

Residents come for respite care when they need to stay near to a suitable school, or to learn skills in order to support themselves financially. others come while attending local hospitals or sometimes to have help  in managing their disabilities. Some  may need nursing treatment  or Physio to maintain their strength and mobility.

Our residents suffer from a wide variety of conditions.  Some have suffered from genetic conditions or problems during childbirth, such as cerebral palsy. Others have been disabled by accidents or suffered from diseases like polio and many have had a spinal injury.  In many cases they were not able to afford treatment or other rehabilitative measures before coming to Khagendra.

Many of our former residents have left us to live full and  independent lives, with careers or  businesses, taking part in  family life, and  enjoying sports and normal social activities.

For a blog from an ex resident abut Khagendra see http://arunachhantyal.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-story-of-my-life-8th-phase.html