Local Medical students helping at Khagendra.

Local Medical students helping at Khagendra.

Students helping at Khagendra

Students helping at Khagendra






We have received most valuable help from volunteers in the past and warmly welcome anyone who can offer suitable skills, time or just companionship to our residents. All kinds of the therapists are especially welcome from every corner of the World.  We can organize your stay in Nepal and can put you in touch with previous volunteers who will be happy to share their experiences with you.

If you wish to contact any volunteers to know of their experiences, please send us a message via the contact page


Rene, from Holland, has continued to bring volunteers to work in the gardens and the hard work of waste disposal. The Home now has a a green and welcoming front lawn with flower beds, and at the back of the Home helpful volunteers have planted vegetables and installed some raised beds for wheelchair uses. Pam, from Bristol, has returned several times to keep the gardens flowering and enjoyable for all.

Douwe and Jessie, from Creative Nepal (Netherlands) have done excellent work on ramps and paths this year, and are working on upgrading bathrooms at present.

Jessie and Mahesh

Local  Social Work students visit weekly and entertain with acoustic guitar sessions and help with feeding residents.

In 2019, Iris, from the Netherlands, who is a Physiotherapist, worked together with Rakshya, the Khagendra Physio, for 3 months, and became part of the team immediately.


Ujeli, Occupational therapist from Japan, has been very successful in engaging residents with playing Bocchia.

In 2017, Alexandra, Medical Student from Greece, helped everyone for a month during the rainy season, and made so many friends that she hopes to be back next year.

Ujeli from Japan organizing a game of Bocchia

In 2016, Marika, from Holland, provided entertainment and therapeutic activities for the most severely disabled people. Sophie, from the UK, worked with the Helpers for a month and focused on residents with Learning Disabilities.

Sonia, from San Francisco, worked at Khagendra for 3 months in 2014. She was able to coordinate with Subas, the Home’s Physiotherapist to develop treatment for new residents and continue therapies for those who have been living at Khagendra for a while. She also showed Som, one of the Helpers, how to maintain therapy so that residents can benefit in the long term.  After  leaving Nepal she organised a very successful fundraising event  in aid of the Khagendra roof repair.Now she has returned to continue studies in the UK, taking with her lasting memories of the friends she made here.


I am Holly Barwick from England, and first heard of khagendra while volunteering as a physiotherapist at the nearby Disabled New Life Centre. I fell in love with the residents, who were all so friendly and cheerful, despite hardship and poor living conditions.I immediately wanted to get involved and so started visiting every day to deliver Physiotherapy, chat to the residents and help provide some basic physiotherapy equipment.

During the 5 months we went to the Home, I and my colleagues played wheelchair basketball with the residents, joined in Thanka Art classes, hosted some celebrations, and spent time making lifelong friends with them.

When we returned to England we formed First Chance Nepal, a charity to raise funds and awareness for people with disabilities in Nepal. Our first project has been fundraising for major roof repairs, which we hope will be completed in Spring 2015.

Holly and friends

Holly and friends


I am Elisabeth from Germany, 19 years old, and came to work here for 2 months in 2015 after volunteer work with disabled people in Germany.  I stayed in the Home and felt I was warmly welcomeId into the Khagendra family.   Although I did not have professional skills, I was able to help the residents in many different ways and found the residents and staff appreciated this. It has been a very positive experience, I have made many new friends here and I have learned many things that will be useful in my future career. I was happy to find that the Home is genuinely a Not for Profit organisation and really does need some helping hands. I  enjoyed my time here and definitely hope to come back some time.

Eliza and Dolka

ō Eliza and Dolka


Mog  and Andy Thomas (UK) have been involved with KNLC for many years and they spend part of the winter in Nepal.  They will receive messages sent to KNLC via the contact page. Mog was a nurse and is able to advise on medications and dressings, especially on pressure sores.  In the picture, Mog is helping Rudra (Director and also a nurse) and Laxman (specialist nurse from the Nepal Orthopedic Hospital) with Krishna’s pressure sores.


Amy and her mother Cathy Davies (Canada) visited KNLC regularly in the summer of 2012. Amy is hoping to return to Nepal and volunteer for longer as soon as she can afford it.