What we provide


Our residents:

Enjoy an active social life with television, games and library. The home celebrates many festivals and aims to make everyone feel part of the family.

Long term care:P1020191

We care for a limited number of people who cannot manage life at home at all. These people need extra skilled staff, so their care is inevitably more expensive.

Respite care:

KesabFew centres exist in Nepal where people with severe disabilities can live comfortably and independently with the care that they need.

We offer a safe and functional place to stay for those who wish to come to this area for medical checks and treatment, education and craft training,  or just for a break and shared experience with others facing the same problems.


Respite residents pay for their food and lodging .

Residents unable to fund themselves are sponsored by the Nepali Government or by supporters.

We also need help to cover the cost of medicines, equipment and building maintenance as this is not covered by the basic costs.

Future plans:

Computer classes have been organised from time to time,  and many residents are very keen to learn the skills. The last course lasted for six months and we would like to run further courses.

We would like to develope our Rehabilitation Programme when we have more professional staff;  and we are looking for sponsorship for a Social Worker to assist Surya with her many duties. We also need another Helper.

We would like to offer specialised therapy, including Speech Therapy to our residents who have Cerebral Palsy, and enabling some of the staff to have training in this field  would be a good way to start.

New paths and ramps made by Douwe from Creative Nepal have made the back garden much safer and easier to access by wheelchair. Next project is an upgrade of the bathrooms. Plans to increase the number of residents up to 100 will mean that the dining room will need to be extended.

With help from volunteers the gardens have been improved and we hope  to develope them further and grow some more vegetables.